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VisionAir Air Cleaner - IAQ
VisionAir Air Cleaner - ETS


Make quick work of indoor air pollution from fine dust and tobacco smoke

The electrostatic air cleaner is especially suitable for removing tobacco smoke, particles, and microorganisms. The air cleaner includes an ingenious filter system.


• Advanced design that fits into any interior
• Can be fitted on or built into the ceiling, on the wall or positioned on the floor
• Low noise level
• Intelligent software
• Especially user-friendly
• Simple control

How does the ElectroMax filter work?

Polluted indoor air is cleaned in three successive phases.

Phase 1: First, coarse dust and other polluting particles, such as human and animal hair and skin flakes, are captured in the prefilter.

Phase 2: The electrostatic main filter then removes the remaining smaller particles, from as small as 0.01 micron (= 0.00001mm!). The electrostatic filter works by means of a static (electric) charge. Particles with a like charge, positive or negative, repel each other while particles with an opposite charge attract each other. The polluted air first flows through the ionisation section, under a tension of more than 8 000 V. This imparts a positive charge to the polluting particles. It then passes the collector section where the pollution is deposited. The charged polluting particles are attracted by the earthed plates and adhere to them.

Phase 3: The activated carbon filter finally adsorbs the unpleasant odours.

The electrostatic air cleaner gives a much better performance.


To guarantee proper functioning, the ElectroMax filter has to be cleaned. You can take out a service contract for regular maintenance. The filter is then cleaned in an environmentally-friendly manner. Standard service packages are naturally also available, geared to the user’s expected annual requirements.


Optional extras are available for this specific air cleaner. VisionAir ElectroMax options include AirMonitor, OdourFree, SterilAir and VisionDisplay.


There are two models for different volume of the room. The models are VisionAir 1 and VisionAir 2. The color of air purifier is white and IR remote control is provided.

      VisionAir 1   VisionAir 2
  Country of origin   the Netherlands   the Netherlands
  Volume of the room   750 ft2   1500 ft2
  Best Service area
(5 no. of ACH)
  450-550 ft2   900-1000 ft2
  Fan speeds   4   4
  Airflow   • = 165 m³/h, •• = 350 m³/h,
••• = 500 m³/h, •••• = 600 m³/h
  • = 300 m³/h, •• = 700 m³/h,
••• = 1000 m³/h, •••• = 1200 m³/h
  Fan capacity   1100 m³/h   2200 m³/h
  Noise level   41-65 dB   47-71 dB
  Power supply   230V/1~/50Hz   230V/1~/50Hz
  Power consumption   95 W   200 W
  Power consumption
SterilAir (Option)
  22 W   44 W
  Mounting options   freestanding   mounting to or in the ceiling
      on VisionDisplay/VisionDisplay Low    
      mounting to or in the wall    
      mounting to or in the ceiling    
  Pre-filter   1 pcs   2 pcs
  ElectroMax filter   1 pcs   2 pcs
  Activated carbon filter   1 pcs   2 pcs
  Pre-filter lifetime   3 - 6 months   3 - 6 months
  ElectroMax lifetime   Permanent (washable)   Permanent (washable)
  Activated carbon filter lifetime   0.5 - 1 year   0.5 - 1 year
  Weight   16.5 kg   32.5 kg
  Dimensions   630L x 620W x 290H mm   630L x 1050W x 290H mm
  SterilAir   2 pcs   4 pcs
  AirMonitor   1 pcs   1 pcs
  Mounting accessories   VisionDisplay   Ceiling Mount Kit
      VisionDisplay Low    
      Ceiling Mount Kit    
      Wall Mount Kit    

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